Global Initiative Grants

Soroptimist International of Saratoga County
Global Initiative Grants


Throughout our club’s history it has distributed funds to organizations that serve the needs of women and girls in Saratoga County.  In 2012 the club expanded its grant-giving program to improve the lives of women and girls outside of Saratoga County.  In doing so, we are reaching out to the larger international community so that women and girls beyond Saratoga County have the resources and opportunities to achieve their full potential and live their dreams.  This is accomplished by supporting programs that lead to their social and economic empowerment. 
Click here for a full description of global grants awarded in 2020.

We provided the funds and The Giving Circle was able
to build this clinic in the village of Kagoma Gate, Uganda.


In 2020 SISC awarded grants to the following organizations for projects that align with SISC's mission to assist women and girls internationally: Bilingual Education for Central America (BECA), Cinterandes Foundation, Drilling for Hope, The Giving Circle, Loisaba Community Trust, Loisaba Community Conservation Foundation, Inc., To Love a Child, Inc., and the MooonCatcher Project, 
In order to qualify, candidate organizations must be sponsored by a member of SISC, have proof of non-profit status, and provide a detailed explanation as to how the funds will be used. Grants are typically awarded for specific activities, start-ups, or capital projects. All grants awarded will be in support of projects that are clearly aligned with the vision of Soroptimist International.  To see a complete description of each of the awarded projects, click here.


Here is another organization that we have assisted:  The Loisaba Project, which operates in Kenya, Africa.  Without an education, girls in the Maasai and Samburu tribes are at risk of being trafficked, raped, genitally mutilated or enslaved. Through this organization, children are provided with education in a safe environment, where they learn to grow healthy food as part of their studies.  In this picture three sisters proudly wear the first uniforms they have ever owned.

Click here for more photos showing how grant funds have been used in this project.

The global vision of Soroptimist International is for women and girls worldwide to have the resources and opportunities to reach their full potential and live their dreams. SISC’s two signature fundraisers, the Cabin Fever event in late January and the Secret Garden Tour in early July, support our local chapter’s funding programs.  
To Love A Child’s partnership with SISC has provided handwash stations, latrines, and a kitchen classroom in Haiti.  
These projects have resulted in improved nutrition as well as a decrease in the spread of germs and illness.