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our global connection

Throughout our club’s history it has distributed funds to organizations that serve the needs of women and girls in Saratoga County.  In 2012 the club expanded its grant-giving program to improve the lives of women and girls outside of Saratoga County.  In doing so, we are reaching out to the larger international community so that women and girls beyond Saratoga County have the resources and opportunities to reach their full potential and live their dreams.  This is accomplished by supporting programs that lead to their social and economic empowerment.

The club has become successful in fundraising as a result of the generosity of the community and the efforts of club members who lend their time, skills, and talents to raising funds that go to support those in need. In 2018, $16,500 in awards was distributed to seven agencies, including The Giving Circle, Mooncatchers, Kupona, To Love A Child, the Cinterandes Foundation, Bilingual Education for Central America, and Drilling for Hope.
Since 2012, funded programs have addressed the broad goals of social and economic empowerment by addressing a number of needs. Some are among the most basic: clean water, housing of orphans, a clean room in which to give birth, gardens and greenhouses to grow food, latrines and hand washing stations to promote public health.  Medical assistance has included the support of a mobile surgical van that can reach rural, mountainous communities in Ecuador, birthing kits for an African village, and innovative telemedicine projects for remote villages in order to facilitate diagnostic services and pre-and post-surgical contact. One program in Tanzania provided funds to repair obstetric fistulas.
Initiatives to provide education for girls included scholarships in Kenya and Lesotho and training volunteer teachers at an English language school in Honduras.  With English as a second language, students will be able to participate in the global economy.
Economic independence has been fostered through a micro-loan program in Uganda and the establishment of a business which sews and sell school uniforms in Zimbabwe.
Our club members or other members of the Saratoga community initiated and operate many of these programs; this provides the club with direct reporting of accomplishments and assurance that money raised from the club’s supporters is being spent responsibly.