Meet Our Speaker

Picture of Catherine Hoolahan

About our 2018 Keynote- Talk About It with Ms. Catherine Hoolahan!

Cabin Fever attendees are delighted to hear remarks from our notable speakers. In 2018, we are thrilled to welcome Ms. Catherine Hoolahan as our keynote presenter.  “I have been amazed at the amount of sex and labor trafficking that goes on in this country,” said Catherine Hoolahan. “Modern slavery is right under our noses and often hiding in plain sight.  I look forward to speaking to the Cabin Fever attendees to help spread awareness of this issue.”











If you suspect an incident of sex trafficking in the
United States, call the National Human
Trafficking Resource Center’s 24-hour toll-free hotline
number at 888-3737-888. Callers can receive a
number of services including crisis intervention,
urgent and non-urgent referrals, tip reporting and
comprehensive anti-trafficking resources.