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About our 2019 Keynote- Talk About It with Ms. Catherine Thimmesh!
Cabin Fever attendees are delighted to hear remarks from our notable speakers. In 2019, we were thrilled to welcome Ms. Catherine Thimmesh as our keynote presenter, award-winning children’s author, whose perspective changes the narrative, opening our eyes not only to what women and girls can accomplish but also to the astonishing world in which we live. While her books are written for children, they are also studied by adults (internationally) in discussing educational and gender inequalities.
Key titles Cabin Fever attendees will enjoy:
In kitchens and living rooms, in garages and labs and basements, even in converted chicken coops, women and girls have come up with ingenious innovations that have made our lives simpler and better. Their creations are some of the most enduring (the windshield wiper) and best loved (the chocolate chip cookie). What inspired these women, and just how did they turn their ideas into realities?
From Sybilla Masters, the first American woman with a documented invention (although the patent had to be in her husband's name), to twelve-year-old Becky Schroeder, who in 1974 became the youngest girl to receive a patent, Girls Think of Everything tells the stories of these women's obstacles and their remarkable victories.
Awards and Honors
  • 2001 IRA Children's Book Award
  • Children's Book of the Month Club Best Nonfiction Book 2000
  • Minnesota Book Award finalist
  • Outstanding Science Trade Book for Children 2001
  • Smithsonian Notable Book 2000


When Abigail Adams asked her husband to “Remember the Ladies,” women could not vote or own property in America. Some seventy years later, when Elizabeth Cady Stanton wrote, “To vote is the most sacred act of citizenship,” the government of the United States still did not treat women as equals, having yet to grant them the right to vote. But sixty-four years after that, Geraldine Ferraro declared, “We can do anything,” and became the first American woman to run for vice president on a major party ticket. With an engaging narrative, fascinating quotes, and elegant illustrations, it not only shows how far women have come but also reveals the many unsung roles women have played in political history. Step by step, these capable ladies have paved the way for our young leaders of tomorrow. They have enabled and empowered us to ask today: Well, why not the presidency?
Awards and Honors
  • New York Times Notable Book 2004
  • Minnesota Book Award finalist
Here is a tribute to the findings and revelations of these remarkable women and girls: to their perseverance, their epiphanies, their wondrous curiosity. Brought to life by innovative collage illustrations, these inspiring stories drawn from primary sources consistently probe into still unanswered questions. Here are discoveries that open our eyes not only to what women and girls can accomplish but also to the astonishing world in which we live.
Awards and Honors
  • 2003 Minnesota Book Award for Children's Nonfiction
  • Smithsonian Notable Book 2002
  • Outstanding Science and Social Studies Trade Book for Children 2002